Christopher Rowlatt – taking the stylus for a walk

CHRISTOPHER ROWLATT – Marbler & Binder of James Joyce’s THE CATS OF COPENHAGEN (Ithys Press, 2012)

Christopher Rowlatt, bookbinder, marbler and teacher, runs a busy studio in Presteigne, Wales. Practising his craft since 1976, he is much sought after by fine presses for his highly individual paper-marbling style and bespoke bindings. A member of the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen, he marbles each year for the renowned MATRIX letterpress journal (The Whittington Press) and is a ‘National Living Treasure’ according to Country Life magazine. In 1990 he founded the Presteigne Bindery, where the marbling and binding of the Ithys Press first edition of Joyce’s The Cats of Copenhagen took place. Christopher created the unique wrapper using Copper, Silver, and Mars Black on Winter & Co. Wibalin Natural Sapphire Blue stock.

"The Cats of Copenhagen" Ithys Press 2012

Christopher lays it down

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