James Joyce’s ‘The Cats of Copenhagen’

James Joyce's 'The Cats of Copenhagen' (Ithys Press, 2012) Poster

ITHYS PRESS has pleasure in announcing the first-ever appearance in print of James Joyce’s Story for Children, THE CATS OF COPENHAGEN in a special letterpress, illustrated edition.

Written on 5 September 1936 and never before published, James Joyce’s ‘The Cats of Copenhagen’ is the slightly younger twin sister to ‘The Cat and the Devil’.

This fine-press first edition is meticulously designed and printed by Michael Caine and illustrated by Casey Sorrow to make the most of the expressive interplay of word, image and story. Entirely hand-crafted, the edition is a tribute to Joyce’s own internationalist spirit, eccentric humour and creative genius.

Published in January 2012, this Ithys Press large-format, letterpress edition of 200 copies is limited to 26 Lettered copies, 170 Numbered copies, and 4 copies Hors Commerce.


PROSPECTUS (download)

James Joyce’s ‘The Cats of Copenhagen’ (Ithys Press, 2012) Deluxe issue

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  2. Hooray for Ithys, standing up for the public domain – even at these ridiculous prices! Now we hope to see similar limited editions of the more obscure and obscene of Aleister Crowley’s works!

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